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Sanctuary of Earth was born of a deep desire to help individuals move past internal

and external barriers to connect with the divine and find their true purpose, both individually and collectively. 


Meet the Founder

Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, PhD is a leader, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and writer who inspires and enables others to make our beautiful future a reality. 


Susanna’s work is infused with a deep sense of purpose at the soul level, and she uses a keen intuition to inform and enrich all that she does.  Susanna feels her soul’s purpose is to help all realize their highest purpose through healing and clarity so that they can become their highest and most transcendent self.  


It is this deep sense of purpose that led her to create Sanctuary of Earth, where all are invited to travel the path — individually and collectively — to create heaven on Earth for ourselves, each other, and for Earth itself.


Read more about Susanna’s journey here.

photo credit:  Rebecca D'Angelo

The Team

Sanctuary of Earth (SoE) brings together spiritual practitioners, guides, educators, and healers from all over the world. Our growing team of experts includes energy healers and masters, intuitive guides and coaches, ceremonialists, and more.

With decades of experience and a deep commitment to our own spiritual journeys, SoE leaders bring visionary transformation to our students and community. As lifelong learners, together we continually deepen our knowledge, skills, and practices in full knowledge that we are ALL supported by the universe.


This SoE container and years of experience and wisdom are on offer to you so that you too may be a part of our common quest and longing for higher consciousness and embodiment of Beloved Community for all, including Earth.


This dedication to healing and authenticity in the context of moving into the future is what sets Sanctuary of Earth apart. We understand that the journey never ends, and that true enlightenment is a lifelong joyful pursuit. We hope you will join us -- we promise you are in good hands! 

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